UniqBall demo

UniqBall is a revolutionary new type of ball head, combining all the attributes of a traditional ball head, a gimbal head, a pan & tilt head and a fluid head. It has all of the great advantages of these established heads but without any of the drawbacks.

And here's the best bit, it has an integrated levelling ball so you can always shoot with a perfectly straight horizon. Now that is something truly unique.

UniqBall's amazing design combines two ball heads into the same unit. The outer ball can act as a conventional ball head, or most importantly, act as a levelling base for the inner ball (which then acts as a levelled pan & tilt head). As it's made from modern alloys and using modern manufacturing techniques, it has perfect friction to allow smooth movement for even the biggest telephoto lens. One minute you can shooting extreme action photography, the next UniqBall will let you shoot perfectly level landscapes or function as a traditional ball head for those difficult to reach macro shots. It sounds simple because it is simple, UniqBall solves all of the traditional problems associated with trying to find one head to do everything. It truly can.

It takes only 2-3 seconds to set the horizon level on the outer ball with the built-in precision spirit level, from that moment the system can be used as the perfect 2-way head with an always straight horizon and complete freedom of movement, even for fast moving action photography. UniqBall has very smooth panning properties, perfect for tracking fast moving subjects but also for recording video too. With a twist of a single knob the UniqBall can be locked rigid, it is strong enough for even the most demanding of photographer. It's perfect for travel too.

So there you have it. UniqBall gives you several tripod heads in one with the ability to shoot level horizons. An amazing new product, designed by photographers for photographers and tested in the field over many years. UniqBall is one of those rare developments in the photographic industry, it's truly unique!


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