matias Sculpted Ergonomic Keyboard (MADE FOR MAC or PC USERS!)

Sculpted ergo goodness

The Matias Sculpted Ergonomic Keyboard is a successor to the popular discontinued Microsoft Sculpt Keyboard. The Matias Sculpted Ergonomic Keyboard stays true to the spirit of the Microsoft original, but with many upgrades! 

1. Better palm support

The Matias Sculpted Ergonomic keyboard has a thicker, denser support pad, made of natural rubber (from a tree) so it will last much longer. Plus, it’s magnetically attached, so it can be easily removed for cleaning, replacement, or recycling.

2. Rechargeable with a 3-year battery life

By combining a very high-capacity 1600mAh rechargeable battery with highly power-efficient electronics, to deliver 3 years of battery life. 

3. Dual wireless receivers (USB + USB‑C) with the world’s smallest USB‑C nano receiver

We’ll soon be living in a world completely dominated by USB‑C. The Matias Sculpted Ergonomic Keyboard will be the first ergonomic keyboard to benefit from this new USB‑C nano receiver. 

4. Wired 

Some people need their keyboard to be wired (for a variety of reasons). If you’re one of those people, we have you covered. Plugging the Sculpted Ergo keyboard into a computer, automatically switches it to wired mode.

5. Built-in hardware programmability

Allowing you to easily program many keys with shortcuts, macros, or short phrases you type frequently, saving you time without having to install or use software. 

6. Security 

AES-128 bit encryption in the wireless transmission between keyboard and receiver, for high security corporate or government environments. 


**You could also pair it with matias Wireless USB-C Mouse for a perfect set! 

It features the smallest wireless receiver for USB-C too! Just plug the receiver into your computer and your mouse instantly works. 

Watch video here for full details - 


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