Tenba: Long-lasting & Professional Camera Bags

Tenba bags are well-known for their versatile look and long-lasting build. Many would appreciate the stylish design of a camera bag that doesn't scream it's a camera bag.

Let's take a look at some of the iconic bags Tenba has to offer.

Tenba Messenger DNA 15 Slim tenba messenger dna 15 slim camera bagThis is the first major addition to the Tenba Messenger collection. Its design is great for all-weather, with durable and rugged performance for any type of situation. Fun fact: This bag was originally designed with New York City bike messengers in mind. It incorporates a high quality exterior and interior in order to protect your precious camera equipment from damage. 

The front flap actually extends over the top of the bag and has a sewn hinge to ensure easy closure and great weatherproof protection at the corners. A bonus is that the bag also throws in a reversible WeatherWrap cover for you! It's silver on one side to reflect heat and black on the other for a more subtle look at night. Check it out here.

Tenba Shootout ActionPack 14L (For GoPro)tenba shootout actionpack 14l for gopro Fits up to 4 GoPro or similar sized action cameras, mounts, batteries, cables and other accessories. The Tenba Shootout ActionPack 14L is designed for GoPro users to protect and neatly store a large camera system with up to 4 cameras and still be able to carry the bag while on the go! 

This backpack solves all the issues of organization and quick access. It even allows you to carry a helmet, 100 ounce of water and even food. At this point, it's not just a camera bag, it's an adventure backpack! Check it out here.

Tenba Cooper 13 DSLRtenba cooper 13 DSLR camera bagThe Tenba Cooper 13 DSLR is a sling bag that fits a mirroless camera with 4-5 lenses or a DSLR with 2-3 lenses (up to 70-200mm), plus flash and accessories. Not only that, it can also fit a 13 inch laptop! This bag also includes a removable camera insert and a great array of expandable pockets. tenba cooper 13 DSLR bag

The canvas exterior actually has a water repellent coating which makes it a great bag to carry around on rainy days. You won't have to worry about your equipment getting wet! And if you're someone who hates the sound of loud velcro while opening your bag, then good news for you! This bag comes with a special type of velcro that allows a more silent opening. Buy it here.

Tenba Solstice 20L Backpacktenba solstice 20l backpackThe Tenba Solstice 20L backpack allows all-day carrying comfort and equipment protection for an avid photographer or adventure lover. So, what fits inside this 20 litre backpack? Well, it can easily house 1-2 mirrorless or DSLR cameras with 4-6 lenses (up to attached 70-200mm f2.8) AND an iPad or similar sized tablet. Plus that's not all! You'll be left with some extra space for a food, a light jacket and other personal items.

Wait but will a drone fit inside this massive bag? Yes! It is able to fit the DJI Mavic and other compact drones. Its 2 exterior side pockets will also fit a tripod or large water bottle. And of course, a removable WeatherWrap rain cover is also provided with this backpack. With so many compartments and different ways to utilize the space, the tenba solstice 20l will tick all the checkboxes for travellers and photographers alike. Check it out here.

Tenba Shootout Backpacktenba shootout silver backpackThe Tenba Shootout Backpack features a padded weather-resistant ripstop nylon material that fits 2 DSLR cameras with up to 6 lenses plus a 15" laptop or 17" MacBook. It comes with a fully adjustable harness/belt system, a waist belt that features multiple clip-on points for small pouches and accessories plus hand carrying straps on top of the pack.

It also comes with padded side pockets that feature interior panels which can be moved to convert the space from cargo pocket to Quick Access interior hatches. With such a great feature, you'll be able to get your camera gear quickly and efficiently without having to fully open the entire pack. Included inside are interior, plastic mesh pockets and web loops to hold accessories plus a media wallet and pouch.

Buy it here.

If you would like to browse more Tenba bags, check out our Tenba bag collection here!


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