Swarovski Optik: Nature In Your Pocket

Enjoy birding or simply admiring the beauty of mother nature? Then, come explore our collection of premium, high quality binoculars!swarovski optik binoculars view 

 NL Pureswarovski optik NL Pure binocularsCrafted to fit perfectly into the palm of your hand. These binoculars have an ergonomic shape that provides the best comfort for viewing even for prolonged periods of time. The lens of the NL pure is specially coated to ensure optimum colour rendering and a high quality viewing experience.

 CL Companionswarovski optik CL companionA portable and lightweight companion that you can bring with you wherever you go. Handcrafted in Austria with the finest materials, the CL Companion impresses with its premium optics and waterproof design. Experience unique and beautiful moments that are simply unforgettable. 

CL Pocket
Handy, lightweight and elegant. The Swarovski CL Pocket provides gorgeous viewing quality in such a compact design. Don’t worry about the build quality of these binoculars, they are incredibly rugged and reliable. Even if you’re out in the scorching sun or among the trees of a dense forest, you’ll always be able to experience the marvels of nature with the CL Pocket.

Optik ELswarovski optik EL binocularsFeaturing excellent optics with a secured wrap-around grip, the EL series allows you to completely immerse yourself into the wonders of nature. Experience top notch optics and luminosity performance with an outstanding field of view. 

The EL 32 binoculars are small and fit nicely in your hand. They feature a grip that wraps around the binoculars so that you can have it securely in your hands. If you are someone who cares about size and weight, then the EL 32 is for you. It is great for people who prefer more compact & lightweight binoculars without having to compromise on the most essential features of a binoculars. Get the best of both worlds with its top grade optics and luminosity!

The EL 42 variant combines size, weight and performance to produce the perfect pair of binoculars. Be it at night or in the morning, nature lovers will appreciate the versatility of the EL 42. They feature the unique close-up setting of 3.3m and a rapid focusing mechanism.

The Swarovski Optik EL brings you crystal-clear images with incredible and accurate colours. The EL series perfectly encapsulates all the important features of a good pair of binoculars - ergonomics, optics and functionality into a beautifully crafted design.

ATX/STX Eyepiece Modules

Both the ATX and STX modules feature a lightweight design, convenient ergonomics, large field of view and uncompromising image quality.swarovski optik ATX STX eyepiece modulesThe ATX/STX modules are extremely ideal for people who travel or spend long days outdoors! They feature a modular design that allows you to store both the objective and eyepiece modules separately. With such a small dimension, it also means that you can store individual modules in your bag or luggage.

Now positioned directly behind the focusing ring, the Zoom ring is at a more convenient position for better ergonomics. You’ll be able to zoom and focus with just one hand while steering the direction of the spotting scopes with the other.

But what if you wear glasses? Will this badly affect your viewing experience? The answer is no! There is an additional eyecup specifically designed to increase viewing comfort for eyeglass wearers. Enjoy a large field of view with magnificent true-to-life images with these ATX/STX modules. Not to mention, the field flattener lenses that bring an almost flat, distortion-free image!

 Objective Modulesswarovski optik objective modulesThe 115-mm objective module features compatibility with the unique modular ATX/STX/BTX spotting scope system. All you have to do is change the eyepiece module at any time to suit your needs. Experience mother nature’s amazing colours and scenery even in the lowest lighting conditions. The 115-mm module has the largest lens aperture in the market for wildlife observation. With incredible optical resolution, outstanding colours and compatibility with other spotting scopes, this makes it an unbeatable spotting scope for use at dawn or dusk!swarovski optik binoculars natureAnd to top it all off, these products come with an International 10 years Manufacturer Warranty! 

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