New HyperDrive Accessories!

From USB-C hubs to Chargers to Cables, Hyper is an innovative company that creates products for one specific reason: convenience. Take a look at some of their products below!

HyperDrive NET 6-in-2Hyperdrive NET 6 in 2 hubThe NET 6-in-2 Hub is perfectly designed for crystal clear 4k video on HDMI displays. It is a USB hub for the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air with 2 USB-C ports that support power delivery and data. It delivers the fastest USB-C capable of 40Gbps data transfer, 5K video output, and 100W power delivery!

HyperDrive PRO 8-in-2HyperDrive PRO 8 in 2 HubThe Pro 8-in-2 Hub has an additional 2 USB-A 3.0 ports, microSD and SD memory card slots for quick data transfer! Wanna watch a movie? You can enjoy crisp and clear 4K HDMI/MiniDP video on compatible 4K monitors! If you frequently transfer data, you'll be astonished by the lightning fast 40Gbps data transfer as well as 5K video output and 100W power delivery, all at once!

HyperDrive USB-C to Lightning KeychainHyperDrive USB-C to Lightning Keychain on bag

Don't be fooled by this cute little USB-C to Lightning Keychain! It actually allows up to 60W of power delivery and fast USB 3.1 data transfer speeds. It is capable of both syncing AND charging your iPhone, iPad and iPod at the fastest speeds. Up to 18W for iPhone and 30W for iPad. Hang it on your bag or with your keys, it's so small and convenient that you can bring it anywhere! A great feature of this keychain is that it's built with a touch and strong nylon braided weave. With increased durability and flexibility, you won't have to worry about it ever breaking off! **This bag is not included!

Other Hyper products are also available on our website now, do feel free to take a look to find out which products best suit your needs!

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