Tucano Second Skin Elements for Apple MacBook Pro 16" and 15" Red


The Elements Second Skin is made and designed especially for 15-inches nd 16"-inches Apple MacBook Pro. It has been custom-made to protect the laptop against scratches, bumps and falls. Furnished with the Anti-Slip System, an elastic cover positioned under the zipper to protect your equipment from scratches and to prevent slippage. This folder is for every MacBook Pro owner who doesn't want or need a typical notebook carrying case. Ideal when carrying the MacBook in a backpack, suitcase, purse or simply in your hand like a notebook from school.

  • Furnished withTucano Anti-Slip System
  • Carry on it's own or as a complete protection inside another computer bag
  • Rugged 3mm neoprene construction
  • Padded for all-around protection
  • Zipper is lined to protect the laptop
  • Dual zippers for easy opening