Rollei Professional Grade Filter UV


Rollei Pro Photo UV-Filter

Ultraviolet rays in daylight are not visible to the human eye, but can cause an unwanted bluish hue on photographs. In order to avoid this effect, professional photographers use UV filters on their lenses to block or filter out the ultraviolet light. One other positive aspect lies in the fact that the filter also protects valuable lenses against dirt, sand or mechanical impacts. Contrasts and colours are also slightly intensified.

Extremely slim, UV safe and robust

The quality of a UV filter depends not only on the capability of blocking UV light - the protective coating should not influence the colour brilliance or brightness of the photograph. The Rollei Pro Photo UV filter is made out of high-quality Japanese glass in HD quality, has a 16-layer muti-coating to repel water, oil, grease and dirt and is scratch resistent. An extremely slim and light-weight frame holds the lens and does not affect the functionality of the filter or lens below. Rollei’s high-quality UV filters are available in a wide range of lens diameters. Thus, you can protect every lens against UV light and damage, the photo filter simply stays on the respective diameter.