Matias Laptop Pro


The world’s quietest mechanical keyboard — the best Bluetooth keyboard.
Without question, the best Bluetooth keyboard on the market today. Built from our Quiet Click mechanical keyswitches, you get the speed, comfort, and tactile feedback of a mechanical keyboard — without the noise. The compact form factor and wireless interface make it easy to use anywhere, and easy to take anywhere. 

For Mac.

It feels amazing.

Without question, the Laptop Pro is the best Bluetooth keyboard you can get for your Mac.

Built from our Quiet Click mechanical keyswitches, they deliver a feel that’s unmatched for comfort — without sacrificing the tactile feedback you need to type really fast.

Wireless + compact.

There are several benefits that come with a compact, wireless keyboard...

  • More free space on your desk, and no wires to clutter it.

  • Using your mouse is more comfortable — because you don’t have to reach as far.

  • Easy to pack for trips.
    It’s narrow enough to fit in your laptop bag, making it easy to take with you.

Laptop Pro Keyboard
for Mac / iPad
iPhone / iPod touch
Android 3.0 or higher