LapLogic T320 Flexible Laptop Maroon Red


Maroon Red

Awarded 4 Stars by PC Magazine July, 2004! The LapLogic T320 Flexible Laptop / Notebook Lap Desk is the mid-line product in the LapLogic Traveler Series of LapPads. The patent pending C2R Thermal Technology blocks all three forms of notebook heat - radiant, conductive and convective - providing up to 47°F of laptop heat protection! No moving parts, cables or power connections. The flexible body is only 0.4" thick and at 4 oz it is highly portable. It folds or rolls small, perfect for carrying bags, purses or day packs. Special design lets your laptop run cooler than normal, so you and your notebook stays cool. No-slip surfaces allow you to use your laptop in positions you never could before, improving the ergonomics and increasing your comfort. By allowing you to use your laptop longer it pays for itself in less than 5 days. Designed specifically for highly mobile power laptop users who demand the highest performance, experience the hottest laptop temperatures and who travel frequently with their laptops. Works with all laptops, regardless of make, model or size.