LapLogic G700 Blue


The ONLY LapDesk With Aerogel Insulation!
While it may look identical to the G700 Taku on the outside, the G800 Aerogel Extreme offers the best thermal insulation available. Period.

The first LapDesk to incorporate Aerogel insulation, the G800 sets the standard for heat protection. Fabricated by by Aspen Aerogels™ using nano-technology, Aerogel insulations holds 15 records in the Guiness Book of World Records – including the best thermal insulation known to man. Up to 8x more effective than other insulators, Aerogel bring the insulation used on the Mars Rover and StarDust interplanetary probe to high end gamers, graphics artists and other extreme laptop users. If you need the best, this is where your search ends.

The Aerogel integrated with our C²R Thermal Technology™ provides up to 99.9% reduction in heat transfer. Integral standoffs increase the air gap under you laptop to 1/2" – up to 16x more than many laptops – allowing additional air to circulate under your laptop. This helps your laptop run cooler and keeps you cooler!

Three integral standoffs are 9" long, so your laptop sits securely and won't wobble or slide off and, unlike stick-on standoffs, they won't peel off. Thin in width, they won't block any bottom mounted fans or heat vents. The special no-slip material means you can hold your laptop at nearly any angle, so you stay comfortable and can work or play longer.

For wide-screen laptops or those who like to use a mouse with their laptop, the Aerogel Extreme also comes in a wide version.