Elgato Eye TV Hybrid


EyeTV Hybrid is the right choice if you get your TV signal from basic (unscrambled) cable. But that’s not all – EyeTV Hybrid packs a lot of features into one very small TV stick to deliver a big TV picture live to your Mac or PC.

To watch and record basic cable channels on your Mac or PC, simply connect EyeTV Hybrid to the coaxial cable coming straight from the wall; EyeTV Hybrid receives unscrambled digital and analog cable TV.

EyeTV Hybrid can also connect to your TV antenna to receive the great variety of digital TV shows that are broadcast over-the-air for free. The quality of digital TV that is available with an antenna looks spectacular on your computer’s high-resolution display, particularly the many shows that are broadcast in full HD.

EyeTV Hybrid is powerful, compact, and incredibly versatile. It’s the all-in-one TV tuner for your Mac or PC.