Wacom Cintiq Pro Family

 Engineered for harmony

Bring power to your palettes

Keep complete control of your color-critical workflow with authentic and consistent real-world colors from start to finish. Our 10-bit color displays unlock a palette of over a billion shades.

High coverage of Adobe RGB and motion picture industry standard DCI-P3 provide artists with wider color gamuts and a larger breadth of colors to work with. Our Pantone™ Validated and Pantone SkinTone™ Validated certified displays ensure that the color you see on screen matches real-life skin tones and prints.

Add more effectiveness to your workflow with factory calibrated color accuracy, helping to streamline sign offs and reduce unnecessary iterations of your creative work. Create in HDR Gamma from the start to experience the real vividness on display later and to minimize color corrections in the process.

More screen, less space

The super-slim bezel on Wacom Cintiq Pro along with the innovative position of the ExpressKeys™, combine for a smaller device that fits more desks and gives you more room to move freely as you create.

Effortlessly connected

Ensure every pen stroke is a work of art in motion without jitter, lag, or ghosting thanks to the enhanced pen sampling rate that works in harmony with the display.

Every pen movement, from heavy color strokes to featherweight line drawing feels effortless, thanks to the pen's high pressure and tilt sensitivity.

Morphs to the way you create

Wacom Pro Pen 3 has been ergonomically improved, refined and redesigned to fit your favorite feel. With customizable weight, grip thickness, pen buttons and center of balance, find the configuration that suits your style. 

A creative touch

The 10-point multi-touch enables you to interact with your content simultaneously with the pen on screen. Use natural gestures like panning, zooming, rotating and enjoy a completely immersive experience in your creative process.  Seamlessly switch between touch gestures and pen strokes in a single move.

Find the right angle

Create the perfect setup for creativity with the Wacom Cintiq Pro Stand*, designed to bring maximum comfort, flexibility and stability to any desktop studio or remote workspace. Adjust height quickly, tilt or rotate up to 20° in each direction, all while keeping total focus on your workflow.


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