The Best Tech Products To Buy Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Looking to buy the perfect gift? Well, you've come to the right place! In the spirit of Chinese New Year, we've meticulously handpicked specific tech gadgets to suit each zodiac sign. Don't forget to check out our Chinese New Year Sale.



You are always bright and full of energy! You love being active and find yourself going outdoors most of the time. The Storm Jacket by Vortex Media is perfect for you. It is a high quality rain cover and helps shield your camera from the harsh effects of the weather while you're out for a shoot!



You are both practical but ambitious, and love to give your all at any task you're passionate about. You're a hard-worker and have a strong mental tenacity. For both work and leisure use, the Matias TactilePro would be the best keyboard for you. With enhanced tactile feedback from the keycaps, you're sure to enjoy greater comfort and speed while typing.

matias keyboard tactile 


A lover of socialising and building connections with others. You have a way with people and are quick-witted when it comes to solving problems. You are curious and lead an active lifestyle. This is why the F-Stop Gear Millar Smokey Mountain Bag is for you! This backpack features different compartments to store your items in a highly durable build. If you're an avid photographer but wish to keep it low-key then this bag will fit you perfectly. It's a camera bag that doesn't look like a camera bag!

F-Stop gear millar smokey mountain bag 



You are loyal and care deeply for your friends and family. You tend to prefer to stay at home and have guests over rather than go out. Family is extremely important to you so you always cherish the time you spend with them. If you plan to mostly stay at home this Chinese New Year, then the Logitech Connect Camera would be your best home gadget! This webcam may be small but it is mighty. It comes with a premium camera lens and superior audio quality during video calls with your relatives. You won't have to worry about laggy videos or muffled calls with this nifty gadget!

 logitech connect portable conference camera



Similar to a sizzling hot fire, you are a dynamic and passionate individual. You're strong, brave and always able to conquer any setbacks thrown at you. At times, you like to be in the spotlight to showcase your charisma to others. You have an eye for aesthetics and a great fashion sense. If you're looking to up your smartphone game then the Card Ninja is for you. It is a small and sleek card holder that attaches to the back of your phone easily. Feast your eyes on the many colourful and unique designs. A perfect phone accessory to complement your outfit!

Card Ninja phone accessory



A perfectionist with a logical and systematic approach to life, you are someone who will constantly improve your skills through diligence and hardwork. Friends and family members will describe you as dependable and helpful. You enjoy activities that stimulate your mind like writing or browsing the web. A practical item for you would be the raindesign mBar pro. It elevates your laptop for a more comfortable viewing and typing experience. With such an ergonomic layout and portable design, you'll be able to increase productivity and work from wherever you feel comfortable.

 raindesign mbar pro laptop stand



You have no issues conversing with others and love getting to know new people. Quick-witted and intelligent, you're a great problem-solver. You love when things look orderly and aesthetically pleasing. If you're in need of a bag that is both stylish and functional, the Tenba Messenger DNA 15 Slim is for you. Built with highly durable material, this Tenba camera bag will protect your equipment in even the harshest of weather. Limited storage space will not be an issue with this bag. It can accommodate up to 2-3 DSLR cameras with their lenses! This bag would still be able to fit your 15inch laptop, important documents AND your iPad easily.

tenba messenger dna 15 slim camera bag



Determination and honesty are your strong traits. Once you set your mind on something, you will go all out and not hold back. You enjoy physical activities that get your blood pumping, these include workouts and hikes. The Inova 24/7 flashlight is a great gadget to have when you're out hiking in the late evenings or at night. Packed with 8 different light modes, this compact & powerful flashlight runs for hours on a single lithium photo battery. Attach it to your bag or shirt and enjoy your hikes with a power light to guide your way.

Inova 24/7 flashlight LED light



You're an optimistic person who is spontaneous and fun to be around. You love adventures and strive to always live life to your fullest. Individuals like you appreciate nature and the joy of being outdoors. Bringing a Walkstool with you can be rather useful. If you're feeling a little exhausted after hours of exploring different places, just open up the walkstool and you can sit anywhere you like! Photographers would find this portable chair extremely convenient, especially when they're waiting for the perfect shot!

 walkstool portable chair



You are ambitious and a hustler. You don't mind working day and night to accomplish a task. You're responsible and don't shy away from owning up to your mistakes. You enjoy indoor activities more like reading a book or playing video games. If you find yourself on your computer a lot (for either work or play), then you should get some good quality computer accessories! One in particular would be the Barracuda Lite v2 Mousepad. This mousepad is smooth and sleek, allowing you to work/game comfortably. 

 barracuda lite v2 mousepad



Aquarius are smart, love to think out of the box and kind people. You are artistic and able to express yourself through creative outlets like writing or drawing. You're a music lover which means that a good pair of headphones are very essential in your daily life. Why not get yourself the Beats Solo 3 Wireless Special Edition Black headphones? They have award-winning beats sound with Class 1 bluetooth wireless. Not to mention, you get 3 hours of audio playback with a 5 minute charge!

 beats solo 3 wireless headphones



One of the most empathetic out of all the zodiac signs. You have a creative imagination and are able to come up with solutions that most would not have thought of. You have a deep appreciation for nature and love to spend time alone. Some of your hobbies include music, painting and photography. The HoodMan HoodEye is an eyepiece for your camera that allows extra eye comfort while taking photos. It also helps seal out ambient light, improving your overall viewing experience. The HoodEye comes in 3 variations for Canon, Nikon and Sony cameras.

hoodman hoodeye camera eyepiece sony nikon canon


So, I hope this helps you find the perfect gift! If not, you could always browse through all our products here. There will definitely be something that catches your eye!

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