Promise Pegasus32 Series

Pegasus32, based on TitanRidge, Intel's latest ThunderboltTM chip, has great new features expanding your connectivity. The PromiseRAID engine has been renowned for its performance, dependability, and security.

Providing massive capacity with the 18 Terabyte Hard Disk Drives (HDD) installed in the Pegasus32 R8 model, delivering a whopping 144 TB total storage capacity in the Pegasus32 R8. As well as high performance Solid State Drives (SSD) installed in Pegasus32 R8, increasing performance of the already extremely high performance RAID storage systems to levels unmatched by competing systems.

Features :

  • Supports 8K monitor via the full size 4-lane DP 1.4 port!
  • Power your hosts up to 85W with Thunderbolt™ 3
  • Up to 144TB of raw capacity with Pegasus32 R8
  • Read/Write speeds increase up to 2800 MB/s with SSD*
Promise technology

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