Pegasus M4 - A Perfect Fit

Mobile High-performance

The Pegasus M4 combines the robust PromiseRAID engine - renowned for stability and high performance, with the high throughput of Thunderbolt™. Pegasus M4 is housed in a compact four-bay enclosure utilizing pre-installed enterprise-level high endurance SSD. The M4 is a perfect fit for on-the-go creative media professionals.

Perfect Match for Mac Studio

Pegasus M4 is perfectly matched with Mac Studio, M1/M2 CPU, MacOS 12 and MacOS 13 with DEXT driver and Intel x86.

4K/8K Editing

An all-SSD 2TB/4TB array means high-performance / low latency 4K/8K ingest/playback postproduction workflow - a must-have for rich media professionals. Pegasus M4 maximizes SSD speed with Enterprise-level RAID data protection; delivering over 2,000 MB/sec with low latency.

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