Hari Raya Puasa: Gift Ideas

Hari Raya Puasa is coming soon! So we've compiled a list of gifts you could get for your loved ones during this blessed occasion:

1. Tenba Cooper 13 SlimTenba Slim Cooper 13 messenger bagThis messenger bag is stylish and sturdy. It can easily fit a mirrorless camera with 3-5 lenses or a DSLR with 2-3 lenses (up to 70-200mm 2.8), plus flash and accessories. There's a padded sleeve at the rear that will even hold a 13 inch laptop!

It also features the signature Tenba Whisper Hook, a closure that enables the flap to be opened with little to no sound. If you're outdoors and need to quickly change your lens, the Quick Access top zipper allows you to have access to your gear easily! This bag can also be converted to a general-purpose messenger bag, just remove the padded camera insert and you're good to go!

Buy it here.

2. NYA EVO Fjord 36 Adventure camera backpackNYA EVO Fjord 36 adventure camera backpackMade with a full-sized aluminum frame, the NYA EVO Fjord 36 can hold up to 36 litres of gear and is able to meet most flight 'carry-on' sizes. The frame is also ergonomically designed with shoulder straps that make you feel as though you are carrying a lighter load. The back padding fabric is quick drying, soft and non-abrasive.

As for the material, it is durable and highly water-resistant which makes it a great backpack to have when you're out in any type of weather. It is rugged and secure, you won't ever have to worry about your equipment being damaged!

The Fjord 36 also has 3 Removable Camera Inserts with different sizes, these can be bought separately here. 

Whether you're out exploring an urban jungle or doing some adventure sports, the NYA EVO Fjord 36 backpack is suitable for any occasion. Even if you bring a ton of equipment in this bag, the built in load stabilizer system helps shift weight to the frame and the frame transfers it to the hips. This way you would still be able to carry everything with ease, without losing your balance!

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3. Booq Mamba Slim 13"Booq Mamba Slim 13 inch shoulder bagThe Booq Mamba Slim 13" is designed to fit a 13 inch laptop along with your other essentials. It is lightweight, slim but offers good protection for all your devices. You have the option to hand-carry it or use the nylon shoulder strap to sling it over the shoulder.

The simple yet sleek design offers ample space for your laptop, iPad, phone and other essential items. Its front offers a large zippered compartment that has enough space to store your charger, stationery and other equipment. You can fit everything you need in this stylish bag!

Buy it here! Or browse our Booq collection here.

4. Tenba Solstice 12L Backpacktenba camera backpack OnlineEnjoy all-day carrying comfort with the Tenba Solstice 12L Backpack! This is a 12 litre backpack that easily fits a mirrorless or DSLR camera with 2-4 lenses (up to 70-200mm 2.8) plus an iPad Mini (similar sized tablet), with space left over for a light jacket, food and other items. It also fits the DJI Mavic and other small drones. The 2 side pockets can fit a large water bottle or a tripod. And if you're ever caught in the rain during an outdoor shoot, you can take out the WeatherWrap rain cover for extra protection! With the adjustable padding inserts, the bag's interior can easily be adjusted to split between different ratios of camera gear and personal items.

Buy now.

5. NYA EVO RCINYA EVO RCI camera insert bagThe NYA EVO RCI is a Removable Camera Insert (RCI) system and is ultra-protective, customisable, and collapses flat when not in use. It comes in 3 sizes; Small, Medium and Large.

The Small (RCI-S) allows 80% free space in the Fjord 36 backpack, so it takes up only 20% of the backpack. The RCI-S is perfect for carrying a fair amount of camera gear while still having a lot of left over space for other essentials.

The Medium (RCI-M) allows 50% free space in the Fjord 36, It can be used for when you need to have an equal split of camera equipment and other personal essentials.

The Large (RCI-L) allows 20% free space in the Fjord 36. If you need to carry a lot of camera gear then this is definitely the perfect RCI bag for you. 

All the RCI bags feature a Velcro hook and loop system for customizing the separator walls to suit your own needs. You can even remove the zip-away lid so that you have easy access to your camera gear when unzipping the Fjord 36 rear panel. The detached lid can then be placed inside the Fjord 36 as extra padding or to create a laptop sleeve when placed inside the Fjord 36 backpack.

In order to attach the RCI to the Fjord 36 backpack, you can use the easy and secure velcro attachment. When not in use, just collapse the RCI till it's flat then place it in your backpack and you can save so much space!

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6. Booq Daypack Booq Daypack black tarp backpackA backpack that combines both style and functionality. It has been designed to protect and store any MacBook or up to 16.4 inch PC, plus other essentials. The perfect size to hold everything you need, it features a large main compartment that is able to hold up to 26 litres of items! It opens wide for easy access to a dedicated laptop pocket, a zippered pocket and an open-top mesh pocket.

With the backpack's soft back padding, you won't feel much discomfort while carrying all your stuff. The Daypack has contoured shoulder straps that are designed to fit almost everyone just right. And what's more is that each Daypack is equipped with a Terraling serial number to help recover a lost & found bag.

Get it in black here. or get it in grey here. 

We hope you have some idea of what gifts you could buy for your loved ones this Hari Raya Puasa! Feel free to browse through our array of products here. Have a blessed Hari Raya Puasa and stay safe!


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