Chinese New Year 2021: Mini Survival Guide

Chinese New Year is a time for reunions with family and friends, however it can be quite daunting to remember all the traditions and practices. So, we've decided to compile some helpful tips and tricks to usher in the lunar new year with ease!

1. What to say during Lo Hei

Sashimi slices

What to say: 年年有余 "Nian Nian You Yu"

This means to have more and more of the things you want with every year.


Pomelo/ Lime

What to say: 大吉大利 "Da Ji Da Li"

Have good fortune and prosperity.


Pepper/ Powder

What to say: 招财进宝 "Zhao Cai Jin Bao"

Usher in wealth and prosperity.



What to say: 财原广进, 一本万利 "Cai Yuan Guang Jin, Yi Ben Wan Li"

This means when the oil is poured out in a circle, it encourages money to flow in from all directions.


Shredded carrot

What to say: 鸿运当头 "Hong Yun Dang Tou"

To usher in good luck into your life.


Shredded green radish

What to say: 青春永驻 "Qing Chun Yong Zhu"

This symbolises staying young forever, having eternal youth.


Shredded white radish

What to say: 步步高升, 风生水起 "Bu Bu Gao Sheng, Feng Sheng Shui Qi"

This means to achieve greatness in everything you do, be it work related or personal development.


Peanuts and sesame seeds

What to say: 金银满屋, 生意兴隆 "Jin Yin Man Wu, Sheng Yi Xing Long"

Have a flourishing business and a home filled with gold and silver.


Golden crackers

What to say: 遍地黄金 "Bian Di Huang Jin"

To flood the floor with gold.


Lastly, Plum sauce

What to say: 甜甜蜜蜜 "Tian Tian Mi Mi"

This means to live a sweet life.


Now, shout out 发啊 "Huat Ah"!

Toss as high as you can so that you get more fortune and all your wishes come true.


2. Rules to follow


Try not to wear black and white

Wear bright colours instead, especially red! It is said to bring you luck and fortune!


Avoid spring cleaning during CNY

Instead do all your cleaning beforehand, this symbolises removing bad luck from your home. 


Display some oranges in your home

Oranges are said to bring fortune and good luck. So, decorate your home with oranges! But be sure not to buy too many or else you'd have to eat them all!


Think positively and avoid using swear words

Try not to swear and avoid talking about death as it brings bad luck to you in the new year. 


3. What to say to your relatives and friends

Here are some phrases to wish your relatives:

  • 新年快乐 (xīn nián kuài lè): Happy New Year
  • 合家欢乐 (hé jiā huān lè): Joy to the whole family
  • 年年有馀 (nián nián yǒu yú): Wishing you prosperity every year
  • 心想事成 (xīn xiǎng shì chéng): May all your wishes come true
  • 岁岁平安 (suì suì píng ān): May you have peace year after year
  • 金玉滿堂 (jīn yù mǎn táng): May your gold and jade fill the halls

And of course, the most popular phrase - 恭喜发财 (gong xi fa cai) which means wishing for prosperity.

4. Staying healthy

Walk when you can

House visiting can be an opportunity for you to exercise. Take the stairs instead of the lift whenever possible. This way you'll be able to burn some of those calories you ate in that large piece of bak kwa!


Hydrate regularly

The average person should drink about 8 glasses of water per day. That's 2 litres of water in total! Water helps aid digestion and it also helps you stay full longer. So, if you find yourself reaching out to that box of tasty pineapple tarts, drink a glass of water and wait. If you still feel the urge to eat that tart, then go ahead. Just make sure you don't eat too many!

 Eat proper meals

Make sure you have a proper meal before house visiting. This way you'll be less inclined to snack on those fattening CNY snacks. If you are staying for an actual meal, then be sure to monitor your portion sizes, especially for buffet dinners. Try to have more veggies than deep fried food. 

Most importantly, enjoy your food. Chinese new year is supposed to be a joyous and happy occasion. Yes, you can indulge in your favourite CNY goodies but just make sure that everything is eaten in moderation!


Chinese New Year is the festival to celebrate with your loved ones. So, cherish this moment you have with your family and friends. Although this current pandemic is still quite a danger to us, with resilience and discipline, things will get better!

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