Luminate your aquarium with Chihiros

If you're looking for some aquarium lights, why not check out CHIHIROS Lights? They are affordable and well-built lamps that are easily adjustable for your aquarium tank!

A cool thing about these CHIHIROS Lights is that they are able to be controlled by an App called "My Chihiros". It's available on both the Apple and Google Play Store! Download it now so that you can remotely control your lights and customize it to your heart's desire!

These lamps are practical yet elegantly designed. They are made of sturdy material such as stainless steel. The CHIHIROS LED offers unmatched low-energy and high-luminance colour rendering light bulbs that help plants grow healthily!

CHIHIROS LED Lighting System - Economical & Good!

C2 SeriesCHIHIROS light C2 Series LEDThe C2 Series lamp features a built-in bluetooth controller that allows you to turn the lights on or off, adjust the brightness so that you can make it similar to sunrise or sunset! The lamp is made of frosted aluminum alloy and coated with rust-proof, frosted material. So you can be assured of it's good quality build. This series comes in 2 variants: White or RGB. For the RGB Variant, you'll be able to change the colours to Red, Blue or Green depending on your preference. 

VIVID 2CHIHIROS VIVD 2 light lampThis CHIHIROS VIVID 2nd Gen features more powerful and colourful lights that support up to a 90cm long aquarium tank. It has a built-in controller that lets you simulate a sunrise and sunset effect just like the C2 Series! It has a customized spectrum intensity at each time point, hence it does not require a timer installation. This 2nd Gen version is able to adjust colour intensity more than 100% by reducing another colour. This means that if you want to reduce the red colour to 70%, then the green/blue light can be adjusted to 130%.

 WRGB 2 SeriesCHIHIROS WRGB 2 lightThis lamp has an optimized LED design and is best suited for aquariums that are filled with many plants that require intense amount of light. The WRGB 2 allows Red, Green, Blue and White lights to shine with a better intensity. Features 30 to 120 LEDs with an adjustable structure to cater to the size of your aquarium tank. This lamp comes in 5 sizes: 30cm, 45cm, 60cm, 90cm, 120cm. The energy consumption is from 33 to 130 Watt.

WRGB SLIMCHIHIROS WRGB slim light lampThe WRGB Slim is a lamp that is suitable for aquariums with a high demand of light for the plants and animals in the tank. You'll be able to choose between the different colours: white, red, green or blue to luminate the tank beautifully. Its wide design helps the LED lights illuminate all parts of the tank. With such a great colour spectrum, your plants will definitely have the best possible growth!

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