CES Tradeshow 2024 Matias NEW RELEASES

1. Matias brings sculpted relief to Microsoft ergonomic keyboard fans 

“Our Matias Sculpted Keyboard stays true to the spirit of the Microsoft original, but we’ve upgraded quite a number of things… it’s now rechargeable, with an incredible 3-year battery life. It’s also the first ergonomic keyboard to use our new USB-C nano receiver — the world’s smallest wireless receiver for USB-C. You can see the complete list of improvements at matias.ca/sculpted,” said Edgar Matias, CEO of Matias.

The very first Microsoft ergonomic keyboard came out in 1994, and every model since has not strayed far from the key layout of the original. That’s potentially 3 decades of muscle memory.

We recognized this fact, and made sure not to stray too far either. 

2. Matias debuted a whole new line of keyboards and mice for fans of wireless USB‑C — and they all connect to the world’s smallest wireless receiver for USB‑C, a first for the industry.

“Logitech did their first small USB receiver back in 2007 — but nothing for USB-C. Other companies have started doing USBC receivers (Lenovo, for example) but we are the first to do one this small. It’s absolutely tiny,” said Edgar Matias, CEO of Matias. 

“With Europe mandating a switch to USB‑C by the end of 2024, and similar mandates from California and India, that means all those tiny USB wireless dongles we’ve relied on for 20 years are going away. We are the first keyboard & mouse maker to offer a suitable USB‑C replacement — the world’s smallest,” added Matias. 

Check out the full range of Matias products here and Preorder yours! 



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