Best Outdoor Gear

Going for a hiking adventure next weekend but can't figure out what to bring? Take a read at the post below! We'll be recommending some useful gear you can pack in your bag to have the best outing ever.

1. Inova 24/7 TorchlightInova 24/7 torchlightInnovation in such a small and compact flashlight - Inova 24/7. This torchlight has 8 powerful LEDs (4 white, 2 yellow, 2 red). There are 8 operating modes that are selected by a rubber-grip octagonal dial. It can last for hours from a single lithium photo battery. You can easily clip it on your belt, clothing or just let it stand upright by itself. This can also be used as an emergency light to alert others that you need assistance.


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2. T-Shirt CamoCamo T-Shirt camouflageThis shirt has a Camouflage design which makes it great for wildlife photography or animal observation. It is made with 100% cotton and weighs about 5.5 oz. The size will also compensate for shrinkage. With this shirt, you'll be able to take great shots of those birds without startling them! Blend with the forest and enjoy nature's serenity.

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3. Poncho Camo Poncho Camo

The camo poncho is made of highly durable material to provide the best protection against heavy rains. It has a full camouflage design which makes it great for hunting or jungle expeditions.

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4. Anti Leech SockAnti Leech socksIf you're out for a hike, you may encounter small leeches creeping into your shoes through even the tiniest of gaps. These anti leech socks are sure to keep those leeches away. The lower part is made of cotton and the upper part is made with double layered waterproof nylon for comfort and extra protection. The openings are elastic which helps prevent any leeches from getting in! It's also one size fit all so you don't have to worry about getting the right size.

Length: upper 26cm & lower 33cm

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5. Swarovski NL PureSwarovski NL Pure BinocularsExperience stunning views of nature with crystal clear detail in the palm of your hands. The Swarovski NL Pure binoculars feature a revolutionary ergonomic shape that guarantees comfortable viewing for long periods of time. With SWAROVISION, you'll enjoy beautiful colour accuracy and easily identify every single detail in nature. The forehead rest guarantees hours of observation comfort which is ideal for maximum magnification. These binoculars are also great for birdwatching and sightseeing! A bonus is that this has a 10 year's international warranty!

There are 3 variations:

- 8x42
- 10x42
- 12x42

      NL Pure 8x42

      • 8 times magnification
      • Effective object lens diametre: 42mm
      • Field of view: 9.1 degrees
      • Light transmission: 91%

       NL Pure 10x42

      • 10 times magnification
      • Effective objective lens diametre: 42mm
      • Field of view: 7.6 degrees
      • Light transmission: 91%

      NL Pure 12x42

      • 12x magnification
      • Effective objective lens diametre: 42mm
      • Field of view: 6.5 degrees
      • Light transmission: 91% 

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        6. Walkstool WalkstoolEver wanted a small, portable stool that you can bring with you during your hikes or outdoor shoots? The walkstool is the perfect solution for that! It features a lightweight construction with telescopic legs in aluminum. You can choose not to extend its telescopic legs, this will allow you to use it in a lower sitting height. The other variation called the Walkstool Comfort, offers big rubber feet and an ergonomically shaped seat made with mesh material. It is also relatively comfortable to sit for extensive periods of time.

        There are 3 sizes: Basic 50, Comfort 45 and Comfort 55.

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        7. Vortex Media Storm Jacket ProVortex Media Storm Jacket ProThe Storm Jacket Pro is made to provide cover protection to your camera and its lens. It ensures your camera is well-covered and dry in wet weather. There is a velcro opening that can be closed to make a tight water resistant seal. The opening on the bottom also makes it easier to get your hand inside the cover to focus the lens manually.

        If you're a photographer, you absolutely need to stuff this in your camera bag or pocket. You will have peace of mind knowing that your camera is well protected.

        It comes in a few different sizes: Medium, Large, XLarge and XXLarge.

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        Next time you wanna go out for a hike or expedition, check this list out and see if any of these products will be useful for you! You can also browse our Outdoor collection here!

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